Mr. Froggy's Wish List 2012

Mr. Froggy has gathered up the presents for this year's Wish List, and one of them could be yours!  Write a letter to Mr. Froggy telling him why you deserve one of the gifts from underneath the Froggy 95 Christmas tree. Have you been good?  Then tell Mr. Froggy how good!  Write your letter then listen for it on Froggy 95.  If you hear your letter, call us back within ten minutes to qualify for the present you asked for!

To be fair to everyone in Froggyland, you can qualify for all the prizes... but you can only win once.  Good luck from Mr. Froggy and all of us at Froggy 95!

Registration for this contest is now closed.


CLICK HERE for the rules for Mr. Froggy's Wish List.

You must be a PA resident to enter this contest.
You must write a SEPARATE letter to Mr. Froggy for each prize you want to win.
Tell Mr. Froggy why you want this particular present! Remember to write a SEPARATE letter for each present you want to win.