Reba & Skylar Treat American Idol's Country Fans With Finale Duet

America tuned in to the grand finale of American Idol last night to see who would be crowned with the title for Season 11, but we suspect a lot of country fans actually tuned in to see what they had been waiting on all season long. And, that was a duet from Skylar Laine with Reba. 

Well, country fans got what they wanted as Skylar took to the stage with Reba's song "Turn On The Radio." It wasn't long before Skylar was joined by the country superstar herself, who helped her finish up the song.

At the end of the evening, Phillip Phillips, from Leesburg, Georgia, was crowned with the title of American Idol, leaving 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, who has the voice of an angel, coming in at second place. But, don't feel bad for Jessica. With a voice like hers, she will be in the studio cutting album after album.