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LeAnn Rimes Found Being Open, Honest On "Spitfire" Wasn't Difficult


(Nashville, TN)  --  LeAnn Rimes has said that her new album, "Spitfire," is a very honest record.  The country star explains that it was actually pretty easy for her to be so open in her music.


LeAnn adds that she's learning to "accept the good with the bad," and admits it's been a tough lesson.  But she says she's discovered that when she "tried to fight everything" she was left feeling "really frustrated and angry," while acceptance is "a good place to be."  LeAnn admits that acceptance "doesn't happen every day," but calls it "a good place" to strive towards each day.


LeAnn Rimes says she's learning to "accept the good with the bad."


Justin Moore Recalls His Tailgating Experiences


 (Undated)  --  Justin Moore says that as a fan he's enjoyed his share of pre-concert tailgate parties -- and never missed a show.  But the country star tells he also had luck on his side, and there were times when he "almost" didn't make it out of the parking lot.  Justin explains that he's always gone to concerts to see the entire show.  He says he likes to get into the venue in time to catch all the opening acts, and he won't leave until the headliner plays the final note of the last encore.  Moore also admits that as a performer he finds it "a little irritating" to see people heading for the exits during his encore, even though he knows they're just trying to beat the traffic.  Moore will be performing at the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in Hunter, New York on Friday.


Darius Rucker To Appear On "The Bachelorette"


 (Undated)  --  Darius Rucker will be featured on next week's installment of "The Bachelorette."  According to the show's website, the episode will feature "Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock and her suitors traveling to Atlantic City, where the guys vying for her heart will take part in a "Mr. America" pageant.  Desiree and one of her dates will also meet a couple living in an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.  They decide to do something that "brings the couple to tears," and "Rucker plays a part in the heart-wrenching surprise."  Darius will also perform a private concert for Desiree and her date.  Rucker's episode of "The Bachelorette" will air on ABC on Monday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.


Dierks Bentley Amazed At How His Life Has Changed


 (Undated)  --  Dierks Bentley says he and his wife Cassidy are "pretty excited" to see their family grow.  But the country star tells "Country Weekly" it's still hard for him to believe he'll soon be a father of three.  He says it "seems like yesterday" he was "single and on the road playing bars," and how he's married with two children and a third one on the way.  Bentley adds that he expects his life to become even more hectic once the baby arrives.  He explains he's been told "having three kids is like having a thousand" and he believes it, especially since his life is "already pretty crazy with two."  Bentley also admits all the changes that have come with having a family leaves him feeling lucky he's "still here" -- something he believes he appreciates "now more than ever."


Bentley announced back in April that he and Cassidy were expecting their third child this fall.  He revealed at his fan club party over the weekend that they're having a boy.  The baby will be the couple's first son.  Their other children include four-year-old Evie and two-year-old Jordan.


Luke Bryan Enjoying Response To Latest Single


 (Nashville, TN)  --  Luke Bryan says he's thrilled with the quick success he's seeing with "Crash My Party."  The country star admits he really enjoys performing songs that generate a strong reaction from the crowd, and that's happening with his latest single.


Bryan adds that it's "so exciting" to see the single "flying up the charts."  "Crash My Party" is the first release from Luke's upcoming album, and he believes they chose "the perfect lead single."  The singer says he'll likely issue a second single from the project before the disc hits stores, which he calls "a win-win" as well.  Bryan is planning on having his new album in stores in August.  The still-untitled disc will be his follow up to 2011's "Tailgates & Tanlines."


Fans can see Luke perform "Crash My Party" along with his other hits on his "Dirt Road Diaries Tour."  The next stop on the trek is coming up in Peoria, Illinois on Thursday.


Luke Bryan says he's glad "Crash My Party" is serving as the introduction to his next album.


Taylor Swift's Alternate Career Choices - Interior Designer, Detective


 (London)  --  Taylor Swift hit a successful career path early in life.  But the singer-songwriter tells the UK's "The Sun" she wouldn't have been completely lost if things didn't work out with her music.  She says there are two other professional paths she'd be interested in pursuing -- interior design and detective.  Of the two Taylor seems to think interior design would be more likely, because she doesn't think she'd make a very good detective.  She explains that she really likes TV police dramas, and watches "anything that has a slight premise of being a crime show."  Swift says she's "into 'Criminal Minds' at the moment," and she's also a big fan of "Law & Order" and "CSI."


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