LeAnn's Dental Nightmare

LeAnn Rimes Wallpaper

LeAnn Rimes admits that she's been "living in a dental nightmare for ten months."  In a weekend website post she says she's "feeling much better now" and hopes she's "getting back on track."  The singer explains that she's had "too many detours this year due to dental issues," and being in pain for the past ten months hasn't been easy.  She adds that she's praying she's finally "on the mend."  Rimes' dental problems resulted in her cancelling Friday's show in Wendover, Nevada, and landed her in the emergency room early Saturday morning.  LeAnn tweeted that she felt like she'd been hit in the face with a baseball bat, and was battling a "massive infection."  She also promises that her Wendover show will be rescheduled.

Rimes also demonstrated how much better she was just hours later.  She performed two benefits, one supporting the Autry Museum in Los Angeles and one for the Living Free animal sanctuary.