Season of believing Day 8: Believe in Joy

Submitted Thu, 12/13/2012 - 12:53pm by Web Gal

A week or so ago, a couple friends of mine posted on Facebook a link to this page:

It was a page set up for a little boy who wanted a toy for Christmas. The only problem is, this toy was long discontinued (a "Mini Orbiter" manufactured by Rabbit Tanaka Corp.)

Here's the original letter (click here for the full letter) from Jaden's mom:

My son Jaden has both autism and dwarfism…in a nut shell he has had it rough since birth.

During the first years of his life he was not able to really speak, faced several serious surgeries and certainly never requested any presents. It just seemed that no toy was of interest to him. However, he is always so happy.

Every birthday and Christmas we have asked for his wish, with no response. We would just try to get him things that were age appropriate and hope he would play and enjoy them.

This past month he has been learning to talk about Christmas and what it means at his special school and one morning he woke me up at 5:00 a.m. and in a full sentence, which has never been possible for him, said “ Mommy, I want to go to the mall to see Santa to ask for planets that spin from Baby Mozart.”

I was in shock and my husband and I have been relentlessly trying to find this for him.

He loves to read about rockets and the solar system, so I was shocked that he would remember this specific toy from a video that he has not seen in years.

Due to his autism he has a phenomenal memory and now that he is finally speaking at 7 years old this is the one thing he asks for by name. Although I have tried the manufacturer, Rabbit Tanaka Corp of Texas and the Baby Einstein company they are not able to help as the mold to re-run the toy have been destroyed. At this point I am just trying to find a person with a used one who would be willing to sell it.

The mommy internet community declared "Game On."

And lo and behold, the Internet made it happen! Today, Dec. 13, the toy arrived (see photo above). The orbiter was found in the Baby Einstein warehouuse . We wish we could be there to see his joyous face on Christmas, but I bet his mom will update the Facebook page. Click here to read the mom's entire grateful letter. Here's an excerpt:

We believe there is something magical in having a hope, dreams or a wish and seeing at least one come true.  It does not have to be grand.

This past November, after Jaden underwent another grueling procedure, we took him to Disney.  Due to Jaden’s height challenges, Disney has always been our “go to” place because of the accommodations they make for the physically challenged.

While we were entering Epcot, there was a fountain and a friend of the family gave Jaden a penny to make a wish and I told Jaden you have to make a wish.    I asked him what he wished for and he said “Goofy.”   When I looked to my left, there was Goofy, coming out for character greeting.  Jaden took of running with so much excitement and was able to meet with him. 

His face glowed and I knew this was a new chapter for him.  I knew that once he felt a wish come true more would come.

Believe in Joy!

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