Season of believing Day 6: Believe in Everybody

Submitted Tue, 12/11/2012 - 6:50am by Web Gal

When was the last time  you had fun at work? When did you make a coworker or a friend smile? 

When was the last time you looked forward to going to the grocery store? We love this short video that tells the story of Johnny the Bagger - a simple idea spread happiness around their store like wildfire! "Now in the floral department when they have a broken off flower or an unused corsage - we used to just throw them away - now we go out to the floor and we find an elderly woman or a little girl and we pin it on her." 

Listen to the video here - best two minutes you'll spend all day!

Believe in Everybody

Regardless of age, ability or education, everyone has the ability to make a difference and impact another person's life. No one knows that better than the team at Home Nursing Agency's Adult Center for Exceptional Learning (ACEL). These workers delight in the simple joy and wonder of adults they care for with cognitive and physical disabilities. 

The Adult Center for Exceptional Learning provies a safe environment during the day for adults wtih cognitive and physical disabilities. Part of ACEL's mission - and the mission of Home Nursing Agency - is to offer a broad range of health and human services that improve the quality of life and enable people to remain in their homes and communities. At ACEL, the definition of "support" entail much more than the physical help required - it involves our staff connecting on an emotional leve, with each individual and their family. CLICK HERE to learn more about ACEL.