Season of Believing Day 18: Believe in Music

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This is dedicated to everyone who sings in the car without actually knowing the words. When you hear a great song that moves you, it doens't matter! 

This little boy's rendition of "I'm Yours" is basically guaranteed to make you smile. 

Believe in Music

“Music . . . can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein, American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer and pianist

Many adults at Home Nursing Agency’s Adult Center for Exceptional Learning (ACEL) are not able to communicate through words and actions, but music touches their souls and gives them an outlet for expression.

Adult Center for Exceptional Learning provides a safe environment during the day for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. Part of ACEL’s mission – and the mission of Home Nursing Agency – is to offer a broad range of health and human services that improve the quality of life and enable people to remain in their homes and communities. At ACEL, the definition of ‘support’ entails much more than the physical help required – it involves our staff connecting, on an emotional level, with each individual and their family. Learn more about ACEL.