Winter survival kit. What's in yours?

My car battery died on Monday.  I had to get a jumpstart before work.  So I popped the trunk, opened my emergency kit and used the jumper cables for the first time on MY car.  I've helped other people, I but never needed a jump before on my own vehicle.

If your car broke down or if you slid into a snowbank, would you have the equipment you needed to help yourself?  A lot of people have jumper cables, a flashlight or flares.  Maybe a snow shovel or a blanket.  Do you have snacks?  I used to... until I threw out the rock-hard decade-old Power Bars a couple of years ago... and never replaced them.  So, I need to add some things to my emergency kit.  Yahoo has some excellent suggestions.  If you don't have an emergency/winter kit, their list is a good start.  And if you have a new driver in the family who has a new (or new to them) car, this would be the perfect way to say I LOVE YOU for Valentine's Day.