Vacation Planning = Vacation Savings


If you've been saving or if you've got a tax refund coming, you might be starting to plan a vacation for the family or a couple's getaway.  How can you plan a great vacation without breaking the budget?  There are several things to think about while you're still in the planning stages.

PARKING.  If you're travelling to a bigger city, don't forget to plan for parking fees.  Some hotels include free on-site parking.  Others charge for self parking or valet parking.  If you're going away for a week, there's a big difference between free parking and $20 per day valet.

FRIDGE.  If you want to cut your meal budget by packing lunches or eating cold cereal for breakfast, it's a lot easier to keep groceries in a mini fridge in your room than to lug the cooler around and keep filling it with ice.  Many times, you can ask for a hotel room with a fridge and it doesn't cost more than one without.

TRAVEL WEBSITES.  Instead of booking the same place you've always vacationed, compare hotels and airfares online.  CLICK HERE for 4 ways to save on airfare.

TRAVEL AGENT.  If you don't want to spend a lot of time comparing prices online or making phone calls, consider a travel agent.  A travel agent can put together some great trips for you and has access to packages that you don't. I once planned a trip to Disney because I got park tickets as a gift.  My travel agent got me a great deal on airfare and hotel with a package that also included admission to a local water park and vouchers for lots of other local entertainment options... all for a SUPER price!