Thunder in the Valley: Thursday thru Sunday

There will be a couple hundred thousand extra people in Froggyland this weekend, as bikers ride into Johnstown and the surrounding areas for the Thunder in the Valley motorcycle rally.  There will be bikes everywhere.  However, it will be most obvious in downtown Johnstown, where you'll see the length of Main Street lined with motorcycles from all over the country. If you've never been to Thunder in the Valley, it's worth a walk down Main Street to see the people, the bikes, visit the vendors and sample some great food.  There will be some great music across several venues, including Central Park, the Train Station and Greenhouse Park.  CLICK HERE to get the music schedule.

Here are just some of the Thunder highlights:

There will be a Cool Lights parade on Thursday night at 9 on Scalp Avenue.

FMX Stunt Riders on Friday night at 7in Windber

The Grand Thunder Parade will be on Main Street downtown on Saturday at noon.

Molly Hatchet will play at the Train Station on Saturday night from 9 to 11.

CLICK HERE to get to the complete Thunder in the Valley event listings.