Repurpose your Stockpile–15 Money Saving uses for Aspirin

Submitted Thu, 10/31/2013 - 7:00am by Web Guy

Beauty Ideas for Aspirin Use

  • Cure dandruff problems – No need to buy expensive dandruff shampoo.  Just crush 2 aspirin and mix them into your shampoo.  Leave it on a couple minutes before rinsing out.  You don’t want to do this daily because it will dry the scalp too much.
  • Protect Colored Hair – Another money saving idea.  To preserve dyed hair make a solution of 6 to 8 aspirin and a glass of warm water and scrub it through your hair.  Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to keep from having to recolor sooner then necessary.
  • Clear the acne and exfoliate– Got a pimple you want to get rid of.  No need to buy expensive Clearasil.  Just crush an aspirin and mix the powder with enough water to make a paste.  Cover the pimple with the paste and rinse off after a couple minutes.    You can also use it for a full facial mask to help exfoliate.  Don’t do everyday though because it will dry your skin out.
  • Remove Ingrown Hairs – using an aspirin water paste will help remove ingrown hairs easily.
  • Treat Calluses – Mix Aspirin with lemon juice to form a paste.  Place it over your callus and cover with a damp cloth.  Wait ten minutes.  Rinse with water and file.  The aspirin will have softened the callus to make this much easier. 
  • Clear the green from Chlorine – Has the pool made your hair turn green?  Aspirin can help.  Just dissolve six aspirin tablets in a tall glass of warm water.  Then rub the solution into your hair to make it disappear.
  • Make Warts disappear – just crush the aspirin and apply it to the wart.  Then cover tightly with cellophane or duck tape so that air won’t get in.  Definitely cheaper than Dr Scholls or going to the doctor.

Laundry Tips Using Aspirin

  • Remove sweat stains – just dissolve two tablets in water and let it sit on the stain for couple of hours.  Then wash as normal.  This works best on white clothing.
  • Keeps Whites White – No need to risk damaging your clothes with bleach.  Dropping an aspirin tablet into a load of whites help prevent them from yellowing.
  • Remove Egg and Blood stains – These can be tough stains, but aspirin can come to your resure.  Just mix the aspirin with water and cream of tartar and cover the stain to pretreat. 

Cleaning and Other Household Tips with Aspirin

  • Clean soap scum off the showers  – Save yourself from breathing in the nasty chemicals of soap scum remover.  Make a paste with aspirin and water and rub over the soap scum.  After letting it sit for a bit rinse.
  • Combat yard fungus -  Dissolve an aspirin in one gallon of water, then water your plan or grass with it.
  • Preserve cut flowers – To make the cut flowers last a bit longer, place a powdered aspirin in the water.
  • Revive a dead car battery – Here’s a reason to keep a bottle of aspirin in your car.  Even if you don’t have jumper cables, you might be able to get one last charge out of a dead car battery by dropping two aspirin tablets into it.    This should be enough to get you to a service center.

**Aspirin is pretty useful, with tons of alternative uses, but before using the product, you should consult your doctor. If you’re asthmatic or allergic to aspirin, chances are, the pills’ effects will be more harmful than beneficial.  Also kids shouldn’t use Asprin due to Ryes Syndrome and pregnant women need to be cautious because it can cause bleeding.   Once you have secured the doctor’s approval, that’s when you can enjoy all the effective and budget-friendly uses of aspirin