Last minute ideas for a Hoppy Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day is almost here!  If you're financially challenged, you can still have some fun without breaking the bank!  Here are some ideas:

COOK DINNER.  If your sweetie is the one who usually makes the meals, do him or her a favor.  Pour a drink and let your loved one catch up on TV while you whip up dinner.

GOT CANDLES?  Any dinner is more romantic by candlelight.  If you're eating your regular dinner lit by candles you already have on hand, there's no additional expense.

HAVE DESSERT!  Cupcakes are easy and quick to make from a box mix.  Frost and feed to your sweetie.  Or... bake a pan of brownies, and cut them out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Or... grab a your favorite milkshake from the drive-thru on your way home.  One milkshake, two straws!  FUN!

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