Kenny Chesney tops in tickets

Kenny Chesney tours a lot.  He has a lot of fans.  You already knew that.  But did you know that he has sold almost 10 million concert tickets in the last ten years?  That's more than anyone else in the music industry.  Kenny's come a long way from playing the Cambria County Fair and me taking him an apple dumpling backstage.  That was in 1997! (I should dig up the pictures!)  It's a little harder to get close to him these days!  But you can still find out what goes on backstage at a Kenny Chesney concert.

Kenny gave the Wall Street Journal a behind-the-scenes look at his show preparation and what it takes to get the tour put together.  Read the whole article here

Kenny is coming to Froggyland next month.  Get details on his June 22 show at Heinz Field HERE.  Want to win tickets?  Contest details HERE.