Johnny Cash Museum is open, stamp released next week

The Johnny Cash Museum is now open in Nashville. Founder Bill Miller says he felt it necessary to "create authenticity and present something to people to make them feel as if they knew Johnny."  Miller appears to have succeeded in meeting his goals. Johnny's brother Tommy Cash says he's very pleased with the museum. He calls it "indescribable," and says there's "so much to comprehend." Tommy also admits that seeing the wide array of Johnny Cash memorabilia and artifacts all assembled in one place is "an awesome experience."  The Johnny Cash Museum opened its doors in late April and a grand opening event is in the works for May 30th.

Fans of the Man in Black can also look forward to the release of a stamp bearing his likeness on June 5.  The stamp is part of the "Music Icon" series.  You should be able to buy the Johnny Cash stamp at your local post office on or after the release date.  If not, hop to for details.