Free audiobooks!


I love to read, but I think audio books are great too!  I just found a place to download FREE audio books of all kinds:  classics, children's literature, poetry and non-fiction.  No matter what kind of books you like to read, you're likely to find some titles you'd like to hear at

Sci-fi lovers may enjoy the entire Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.  Maybe you like poetry from Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost. Your kids might like the Chronicles of Narnia

For my part, I might start with Tolstoy's War and Peace.  I've had a copy on my bedside table for years.  Maybe the only way I'll finish is by listening!  

While you might not need to download anything now, it's a great resource to keep in mind for road trips coming up this summer!  There are also free movies and ebooks, but this is the direct link to the audiobooks.