Adopt a wild horse in September!

If you're a horse lover, you might have always wanted to adopt a wild horse or burro.  I don't have a corral in my back yard just yet, but if you have the space, this might be the year to make YOUR wish come true!

There is a wild horse adoption event coming up September 20-21 in Canvas, West Virginia.  There will be about 40 horses available for adoption ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old.  September 20 is the preview day and September 21 is the actual adoption day.

For as little as $125, you could take home an animal less than three years old.  For just a $25 adoption fee, you could adopt a wild horse that's three or older.  Of course, you'll have to have a corral at least 20' x 20' with 6-foot fencing and shelter attached.  Plus, you'll need to provide transportation for your new equine friends.  Only certain types of trailers are allowed and once the wild horse joins your home, training will be necessary.  These animals are wild and require a commitment!

CLICK HERE to get more information about the Canvas adoption event or go to  You can also call for information:  1-866-4MUSTANGS (1-866-468-7826).