80 Small and Big Ways to Save Money This Year

Submitted Wed, 09/11/2013 - 7:00am by Web Guy

80 Small and Big Ways to Save Money This Year

Everyone's making plans for a fresh start this year, and if one of your goals is to save money, make a few changes here and there to save a little or a lot of money. Remember the little things do add up! Read this list below on suggestions for saving money and pick a few for a frugal 2013.

  1. Bring lunch to work
  2. Take public transportation
  3. Drop your landline and rely on your cell phone
  4. Reassess your savings accounts
  5. Make your gifts
  6. Make your own cleaning products, like detergent and carpet cleaner
  7. Cook more and eat out less often
  8. Be aware of bank fees
  9. Make a list before grocery shopping
  10. Grocery shop at lower-priced supermarkets like ethnic stores
  11. Buy generic products
  12. Don't go to the grocery store when hungry
  13. Entertain indoors
  14. Explore free activities on the weekend
  15. Shop your wardrobe
  16. Wait on purchases before buying them
  17. Get a home energy audit
  18. Seal up air leaks in your home to cut heating and cooling costs
  19. Buy generic medicine
  20. Use your health benefits
  21. Skype instead of making long distance calls
  22. Turn roaming off and rely on WiFi when traveling
  23. Know the right things to buy in bulk
  24. Reassess your Internet and cable provider and see if you can find a cheaper plan
  25. Turn off lights that aren't in use
  26. Unplug electronics when not in use
  27. Use cold water to wash your clothes
  28. Hang dry your clothing instead of tumbling it in the dryer
  29. Hand wash your clothing instead of taking it to the dry cleaner's when possible
  30. Drink tap water instead of bottled water. Consider investing in a filter
  31. Cancel cable and watch your favorite shows online
  32. Work out outdoors, play sports, or go to a friend's gym instead of paying for a gym membership
  33. Shop at the farmers market
  34. Swap clothes, bags, and accessories with friends
  35. Google coupons before buying something online

Read on for more.

  1. Renegotiate your cell phone plan, find a new carrier, or cancel some features to save money
  2. Use a prepaid phone instead of signing up for a phone plan
  3. Read books and magazines from the library
  4. Make your own coffee at home
  5. Return the purchases you need to return
  6. Sell your old things
  7. Buy used items
  8. Automate payments so you won't forget and be charged with late fees
  9. Negotiate a lower APR
  10. Upcycle your old items instead of throwing them away
  11. Always comparison shop
  12. Find a good rewards credit card and use it smartly
  13. Book trips early
  14. Stock up on holiday decor after the holidays
  15. Don't feel obligated to say yes to every invitation (this includes weddings, dinners, events, etc.)
  16. Eat right and exercise and get enough sleep, so you won't have to pay with your health
  17. Pay bills online to save on postage
  18. Stop smoking
  19. Stop drinking soda
  20. Compare gas prices to find the most affordable gas with sites like GasBuddy.com
  21. Get beauty treatments from trainee beauticians
  22. Keep plastic takeout containers for future use
  23. Wash dishes in a full dishwasher
  24. Avoid out-of-network ATMs
  25. Keep track of your money with a spreadsheet or Mint.com
  26. Plan out your meals for the week
  27. Refill printer ink instead of buying new cartridges
  28. Brush and floss every day and take care of your teeth to prevent pricey dental bills
  29. Keep your receipt or take picture of it in case you want to return an item
  30. Vacation closer to home
  31. Don't check in your luggage
  32. Check out Airbnb instead of hotels
  33. Travel during an off-peak season or time
  34. Travel to an underrated place instead of famous tourist spots
  35. Use reusable grocery bags
  36. Find a place with lower rent or get roommates
  37. Join loyalty programs
  38. Wait for daily deals for services you like, such as dental cleaning or a massage
  39. Feed your pet the right foods and keep it in shape to reduce vet bills
  40. Work toward getting a better credit score so you'll be quoted cheaper rates
  41. Review your receipts to make sure you're not being charged for odd items
  42. Check your bank account daily to make sure there aren't any weird charges
  43. Always try to wait for a sale before buying something
  44. Don't use your credit card overseas unless it doesn't have foreign transaction fees
  45. Rent movies instead of going to the theater