4 Ways to Save - Deck out your 4th of July Party for Less!

Submitted Tue, 06/18/2013 - 7:00am by Web Guy

4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your 4th of July Party!

By Deborah Devenney

Summer has officially arrived and nation-wide, kids and adults alike are looking forward to days at the beach, fresh watermelon, lemonade stands, and of course celebrating the birthday of the good ol’ US of A.

This year you can celebrate Independence day with style and with savings as we give you all the ideas you’ll need to have fun on a budget. Everything from DIY decor to patriotic popsicles - we’ve got you covered. We’ve include four ImpulseSave’s original ideas to save, as well as links to tips from other great ideas! So relax, have fun, and save money with our four ways to save on your July 4th fete!

1. DIY Decor

Don’t be outdone in the decor department. Show off your crafty side with these DIY decor ideas! Gather together your blue glassware from either friends or the thrift shop and fill them with red carnations for a quick, classy centerpiece. Create your own simple - and totally legal - homage to fireworks by punching holes in the shape of a star or other design (with a hammer and nail) in some recycled cans. Spray-paint them red, white, and blue and once you light a votive inside the can - instant home fireworks!

2. Food & Dessert

The 4th of July is all about those classic foods you find at barbecues and cookouts.This summer, add some variety to the usual fare. Skip the pre-made platters to save on costs and make your salads ahead of time. To keep browning at bay, soak apple slices in lemon-lime soda for 10 minutes after cutting them. The acid in the soda will keep it fresh so you’ll have more time time to makes some of these delicious sides and desserts! For an simple treat use candy that fits the red, white and blue color scheme, with your favorite candy from Red Hots to Swedish Fish, to gummy sharks!

3. Cocktails and Mocktails

Set up a make-it-yourself cocktails and mocktail bar. Choose 3 of your favorite DIY cocktails or mocktails and buy the ingredients wholesale or at Trader Joes. Create 3 hand written menus on paper or chalkboard to give your type A guests a little guidance and help decorate the bar. To show your craft side, relocate a piece of furniture to the outdoors and place it in the idea location on your lawn. Feel free to supplement the DIY bar with a bottle of red/white wine or beer for the give-it-to-me-straight-doc guests! Again, Trader Joes or wholesale stores are a great way to save on these beverages.

4. Inexpensive Entertainment

Build a patriotic-themed photo booth! Simply hang a flag or sheet as a backdrop inside or out and decorate! Cheap accessories at the dollar store and spray paint are all you need to create a fun background. As for your guests’ attire you can provide dress-up clothes from the basement, swimming gear, cheap red white and blue plastic leyes (less than a dollar at party city) or simply capture their red, white and blue. Either assign a family member to snap photos, or, provide a few disposable cameras so guests can take advantage of the booth as they please.