9 month old pit bull missing in Oakland/Johnstown

This is Tate.  He is a 9 month old pit bull puppy, unaltered.   He is wearing a collar, no tags.  Nicole is his owner and says he is missing from her home in the Oakland/Lorain area in Stonycreek Township... basically the neighborhood behind Bigdogz Grill. Tate is friendly & kind, but I am sure he is freaked out & scared.He is a blue/grey color with white on his tip toes & his chest, but no white on his face.  He has never bitten anyone or shown any aggression whatsoever. He is a sweet pup. PLEASE call Nicole Shaw if you see him , or hear of anyone who may have him. we miss him so very much! Call 814-536-6782 or 814-270-0478