Winning the Lottery Doesn't Mean Most Would Quit Work

Submitted Fri, 07/18/2014 - 8:38am by BossFrog

As long as lotteries have been around, so has that age-old question: if you became rich enough to quit your job, would you?

Chicago-based CareerBuilder wanted to find out the answer, so it had Harris Poll survey 3,372 full-time, private sector workers. The result is a little shocking.

Just over half -- 51 percent -- claimed they would keep working, even if it meant that all their money worries were solved.

The top reasons they gave for continuing to work were, in order, "I would be bored if I didn't work";  "Work gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment"; "I want financial security aside from the financial winnings"; and "I would miss co-workers."

Interestingly, of those who said they'd stay employed if they struck it rich, only 30 percent said they'd stick around at their current jobs, meaning the rest would seek employment elsewhere.

As for age groups, the younger people would be more inclined to keep working if they won the lottery. For instance, nearly seven in ten people aged 18 to 24 would go back to work.  At the other end, only four in ten workers 55 and older would remain employed.

Of course, since this is all hypothetical, who's to say what people would really do if they won a fortune for life. They might join the 49 percent in the survey who'd have no qualms about leaving the workforce. Of that group, two percent say they wouldn't bother calling the boss to resign -- they'd quit without any notice whatsoever.