Top Resolutions For Kids In 2013!!!!!

Submitted Wed, 01/02/2013 - 6:58am by BossFrog

What do parents want to see their children accomplish in 2013? Not surprisingly: clean their room and get more engaged at school. They would also like to see them make better choices. A whopping 87% of parents of children ages 6-17 want to choose a New Year’s resolution for their child or children, according to a new Harris Interactive survey. When asked which New Year’s resolutions, if any, they would select on behalf of their children, parents picked:

  • Clean up their room more often (47%)
  • Be more engaged in school (33%)
  • Have healthier eating habits (33%)
  • Get more physical activity (33%)
  • Play fewer video games (29%)

Other resolutions parents wish their children would make include minding manners (24%), better hygiene (22%), texting less and reading more (21%), being a better friend (11%) and other (4%).