Top Baby Names Of 2012!!!!!

Submitted Fri, 11/30/2012 - 6:31am by BossFrog

BabyCenter has released the results of their annual Baby Names Survey, revealing the top 100 baby names of 2012. It looks like last year’s No. 1 most popular boys’ and girls’ names still rule. Aiden tops the boys’ list for the 8th year in a row, and Sophia is No. 1 on the girls list for the third consecutive year. According to Linda Murray, the global editor-in-chief for BabyCenter, while uniqueness is still one of the top qualities that parents look for in a name, more and more parents are also looking for a name with meaning. The most popular baby names for boys and girls this year:

1. Sophia6. Lily1. Aiden6. Noah
2. Emma7. Zoe2. Jackson7. Lucas
3. Olivia8. Chloe3. Ethan8. Jacob
4. Isabella9. Mia4. Liam9. Jayden
5. Ava10. Madison5. Mason10. Jack

The hot naming trends for 2012:

  • “Twilight,” has spurred increased interest in the names Grey (up nearly 20% from 2011) and Anastasia (up 10%). Ana (a nickname for Anastasia) climbed 35 spots on the list, while the name Christian declined in popularity – perhaps due to the character’s less-than-wholesome image.

  • With the London Olympics, One Direction mania, and renewed attention on the royal family, several British-inspired names are trending this year. The names of four of the five members of the hot boy band have increased in popularity, most notably Liam (now the 4th most common name for boys) and Harry (which climbed 57% from 2011). The name Pippa (the sister of Kate Middleton) is also up 35% from last year.

  • When Gwyneth Paltrow dubbed her daughter Apple back in 2004, many scoffed, but today the name has grown in popularity, rising 585 spots from last year’s list. The name Siri (Apple iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant) also rose 5% on the girls’ list. And on the boys’ side, the name Mac increased by 12%.

  • Presidential names saw a boost in this election year, although names of past leaders (like Reagan, Kennedy, Carter and Lincoln) have jumped more than current contenders (Barack, Mitt, Joe and Paul).

  • Between the retirement of the NASA Shuttle and the Mars Rover landing, space travel was a huge news story this year, and parents took notice. Out of this world names – like Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, and Mars – all soared in popularity.