Submitted Tue, 04/30/2013 - 6:37am by BossFrog

There’s no doubt teachers have a strong impact on their students, but for 8-year-old Nicole Miller, her kindergarten teacher may have just saved her life. Nicole, who is a first grader at Mansfield Christian School in Cleveland, OH, suffers from a genetic disorder that caused kidney malformation and other problems, which often left her too tired to go to school. But last week, Nicole received a new kidney from a familiar face – her kindergarten teacher Wendy Killian.   Wendy offered to be a donor after a parent-teacher conference with Nicole’s mother. After inquiring what it would take to be a donor, Nicole realized she met the criteria and decided to offer her help.  Wendy’s donation was a way for her to pay it forward, since a few years ago her son needed and received a blood platelet transfusion from a donor. Nicole and Wendy’s surgeries took place April 23rd, and while the 8-year-old was nervous, her mother said getting the donation from her teacher helped.  "She's been excited about the thought of getting a new kidney," said Letitia Miller. "The thought of being in the same room with Wendy was really comforting to her."