Stress Is Another Part of the Teen Experience

Submitted Wed, 05/21/2014 - 7:45am by BossFrog

Relax, kids, school will be out soon if it hasn't already let out for the summer.

The long break is apparently needed, judging by an American Psychological Association survey that says teens are as least as stressed as adults but that their anxieties aren't taken as seriously.

It should be no surprise that adolescents feels most stressed during the school year, which might explain why teens appear to be so irritable or on the verge of tears at the drop of a hat.

The "Stress in America" survey finds that more than a third of stressed teens report sleeping problems while a quarter treat their worries by overindulging in food.

Meanwhile, more girls report feeling stressed than boys, although males may not want to admit feeling overwhelmed, thinking it would make them seem weak.

Another problem: many teens don't realize that stress could be affecting them both physically and mentally.

While there are no easy answers, Norman Anderson, APA executive vice president, recommends parents talk more often to their youngsters. Some ways of relieving anxieties include exercise and more bed rest.