Submitted Mon, 01/06/2014 - 7:02am by BossFrog
Are you sitting down? Good. This may come as a shock…but more than a quarter of adults who use the internet don’t use social networking sites. Of course, that means most of them- more than 70%- are engaged with social media in some way. But it does make you wonder exactly what these internet-connected, social-media-avoiding folks are up to online. While we can’t tell you that, we can tell you what a whopping one third of U.S. women are doing on the web- browsing up a storm on Pinterest! That’s right- more than 20% of Americans, including a third of women, use the image-sharing site. While it’s not as popular as Facebook (…yet), it did beat out Twitter and Instagram last year. And while Pinterest’s user base remains overwhelmingly female, the number of male users is on the rise.