Old Fridge Earns Man $1,250!!!!

Submitted Thu, 10/04/2012 - 6:02am by BossFrog

A Pennsylvania man who received a 1937 Frigidaire refrigerator with his home when he purchased it in 1998 was awarded $1,250 in Sears gift cards. Richard Linnert, 68, who bought his Baldwin home from his aunt in 1998, said he initially used the old fridge for beverages, but decided recently to recycle it through a program co-sponsored by Duquesne Light, Sears, JACO Environmental and other electric utilities in the state. The program looked through the 18,360 appliances recycled during the program and awarded Linnert’s old fridge the distinction of “Pennsylvania’s Oldest Refrigerator,” which earned him the gift card prize. Linnert said he plans to spend his winnings on a flat-screen TV and a new phone.