Submitted Thu, 01/02/2014 - 6:47am by BossFrog

Think you’re hip because you’ve got a smartphone and an iPad? Think again! A whole new wave of tech gadgets is set to be released this year and it’s enough to make you feel utterly behind the times! Here’s what tech to expect in 2014: Smartwatches: The Samsung Galaxy Gear is already on the market, but look out for Microsoft, Apple and Google to jump into the fray with their own smartwatches. Big-screen smartphones: Smaller is no longer better when it comes to new technology. This year big-screen phones – we’re talking 5 to 6 inches – could see a spike in production. Rumor has it Apple is working on a 4.7 inch phone. Google Glass goes public: The Google Glass will reportedly be released to the public this year. Last year, it was only released to a small group of testers. The Internet of Things: Expect even more things to be connected to your smartphone or tablet this year. For example, last year saw the release of Internet-connected smoke detectors, kettles and even forks. Smarter TVs: Both Google and Apple will continue to work on taking over the television space. Apple is rumored to be working on its own stand-alone TV set.