Submitted Tue, 10/22/2013 - 7:19am by BossFrog
Talk about business casual! The necktie appears to be going out of style, even in the most professional corporate environments. The trend is reflected in sales figures- annual tie sales in the U.S. have dropped considerably in the last 15 years, as has the number of men who buy or receive more than one new tie a year. While ties are still an obligatory accessory for some, they are increasingly being viewed as optional. Plus, young tech start-up CEOs are redefining the corporate uniform to replace suits and neckties with sneakers and hoodies. Even world leaders, including President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, often go tie-less. Then again, the fashion industry is a different story. The renewed focus on men’s style- especially the refined, dapper look favored by the likes of Justin Timberlake- ensures that while the tie may be less popular at the office these days, it’s not going anywhere just yet