Men Vs. Women...Who is winning the Battle of the Sexes?

Submitted Thu, 09/27/2012 - 7:37am by BossFrog

In the battle of the sexes, who is winning? Take a look at these survey nuggets gathered by GateHouse News Service:

  • 27% of men think they’re smarter than women; 8% of women agree with them.

  • 3.8 million men purchase Playboy or Penthouse magazine; 47 million women purchase romance novels.

  • 44% of women cheat on their spouses; 60% of men do.

  • Women shop with grocery lists. Men buy what looks good.

  • Women at age 17 function as adults; Men at age 17 are still playing video games.

  • Women lose interest in toys at age 11 or 12; Men never lose interest, but the toys get more expensive.

  • 90% of males say they dress up mostly for weddings and funerals; 74% of women say they dress up for shopping.

  • Women are in the majority on Facebook (58%) and Twitter (64%). 82% of Pinterest users are women. Men predominate on Linkedln (63%), Google Plus (71%) and Reddit (84%).

  • Women visit social sites 99 million more times than men per month.

  • Women head for shelter when dangerous weather strikes. Men grab the video recorder. 82% of lightning victims are males, more than 70% of storm fatalities are males.

  • Your average guy lives 74.4 years; your average woman 79.8 years.

  • Men average eight alcoholic drinks a week; women four.

  • Men average six personal items in a bathroom; women have more than 75 personal items in a bathroom.

  • The average guy cries 14 times a year; the average woman cries 64 times.

  • 92% of men think God is male; 46% of women say it could go either way.

  • 55% of men admit to occasionally driving drunk; 30% of women.

  • The vehicles women most admire are the Volvo S40, Nissan Rogue and Volkswagen Beetle. With men, they are the Porsche 911, GMC Sierra and Ford F-Series.