Submitted Mon, 11/25/2013 - 8:01am by BossFrog
If your culinary skills are lacking, the approaching Thanksgiving holiday may be stressing you out. So here’s something to be thankful for: you can actually save a few bucks this year by getting take-out or having your meal at a restaurant. An average price breakdown of several Thanksgiving options revealed that making the whole spread from scratch is the most expensive option, at more than $100 for a group of eight guests. On the other hand, you can get take-out from a chain for between $10 and $11 a person, or get all the fixings from a grocery store chain for a similar price. Another option is to eat out, which at some low-cost chains can set you back as little as $9 per adult and $5 per child. Bonus: no clean-up! If you simply must cook, consider purchasing a pre-cooked turkey and the side dishes that cost the most to make from scratch (like pumpkin pie, which is about 10 bucks cheaper to buy than bake), then prepare everything else yourself.