Grocery Store Ploy to Make More Money!!!

Submitted Fri, 02/15/2013 - 6:44am by BossFrog


Some things really are priceless. Price tags are slowly but surely disappearing from retailers around the country.  At grocery stores, for example, individual price tags on items are being replaced by shelf tags that are often unclear.  This isn’t some kind of eco-friendly attempt to save paper- in fact, experts say, it’s a deliberate move to confuse shoppers and hopefully encourage them to spend more money.  When you don’t know how much something costs, it’s impossible to compare and make informed decisions.  Searching for the best deal on breakfast cereal at the supermarket is one thing, but this anti-price-tag scheme has an even bigger impact on expenses like cell phone bills and subscription services.  Often with these kinds of purchases, consumers have no idea how much money they’re spending each month.  Plus, regular purchases can be next to impossible to cancel.  Have you ever tried stopping a magazine subscription?  Good luck!