Submitted Wed, 03/13/2013 - 6:59am by BossFrog

Your Facebook profile says more about you than you think…even if you use the privacy controls properly.  A study found that what people “Like” can reveal a number of their personal details- and while some patterns are obvious, others aren’t.  Researchers collected personality data from millions of Facebook users, then used a computer algorithm to match some of that data with users’ Facebook likes.  It comes as no surprise that people who liked a Facebook page about Christianity were likely to identify as Christian.  But the program also found that, for example, people with high IQs liked Mozart and The Daily Show, while people with lower IQs liked Bret Michaels and Harley Davidson (you can draw your own conclusions).  The computer program was particularly good at determining sex, race, sexuality, political affiliation and religion simply based on what pages users liked.  Experts say the data gleaned from this study is potentially useful for advertisers.