Do you 'stalk' your kids on Facebook?

Submitted Thu, 02/21/2013 - 6:31am by BossFrog


If you’re worried that accepting your parents’ Facebook friend request means they’re going to stalk your every move… you’re probably right.  A poll found that more than 90% of parents who use the social networking site are friends with their kids, and one in two parents say they joined for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on them!  No wonder more than 40% of parents check their kids’ profiles on a daily basis.  So what are they looking at?  Your status updates are the part of your Facebook page your parents are most interested in, followed by what other people post on your wall and any photos you’re tagged in.  While teenagers are more likely than 20-somethings to friend their parents, one in three teens is embarrassed by something mom or dad posted on their page, and 30% admit they’d unfriend their ‘rents if they could.