Bah Humbug!!!! What We Dread About Christmas!!!!

Submitted Fri, 12/14/2012 - 6:55am by BossFrog

Although a whopping 94% of holiday shoppers say they’re at least somewhat enjoying the holiday season this year, one in five feel that gift shopping itself is one of the things they absolutely dread about the holiday season, according to a Consumer Reports poll. At the top of the dreaded list: crowds and long lines, which drew the ire of 58% of poll respondents. On the bright side, the thing that people dreaded the least was holiday tipping! Americans’ biggest holiday dreads include:

  • Crowds and long lines (58%)
  • Gaining weight (41%)
  • Aggressive or thoughtless driving in store parking lots (40%)
  • Getting into debt (30%)
  • Gift shopping (20%)
  • Seasonal music (14%)
  • Disappointing gifts (13%)
  • Seeing certain relatives (12%)
  • Traveling (10%)
  • Having to attend holiday parties, gatherings or events (9%)
  • Having to be nice (4%)
  • Holiday tipping (3%)