American Is a Snacking Nation

Submitted Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:39am by BossFrog

If there's one guilty pleasure that most Americans share on a daily basis, it's snacking.

A survey by Nielsen of 1,139 adults found that just over nine in ten say they have a snack every day with a quarter snacking three-to-five times daily and three percent admitting to snacking all the time.

As for preferences by gender, men like to gobble down salty goodies like chips and pretzels while women go for chocolate, candy and cookies.

Interestingly, women were found to snack more often than guys and they often do so while chatting on the phone or using their tablet.

About 25 percent of women will snack as many as four times a day while about 20 percent of men did the same.

As for why they snack, both sexes say it's to satisfy hunger although women were more inclined to reach for treats when they felt stressed, bored or just desired a little indulgence.