World's largest pumpkin!

When you go to the pumpkin patch, you may try to pick the biggest pumpkin you can carry.  But this year's winner at the Topsfield Fair isn't something you could carry without a LOT of help!  This year's heaviest pumpkin was the first one in the world that ever weighed more than a ton!  The grand prize fruit weighed in at 2009 pounds and was grown by Ron Wallace of Rhode Island.

If you need to get a more managable-sized pumpkin for your family, there are lots of opportunities to pick your perfect pumpkin with Froggy 95 this month.  Stop in to Cokeville Produce Market or Two Lick Valley Nursery on Saturday, October 6.  Or hop into Martin General Store in Ebensburg on Friday, October 5 or the location in Park Hill on Friday, October 12 for pink pumpkins!  Click here for the calendar of events.