What to watch?!?

The fall television season is beginning bit by bit.  Here are some of tonight’s highlights:


Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight at 8 on ABC with an interesting mix of celebrities, including Snooki, Valerie Harper, Bill Nye the Science Guy and country-favorite comedian Bill Engvall.


The Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman come into modern times with Sleepy Hollow on Fox tonight at 9.  A friend of mine says they should have started this show last Friday.  You know… Friday the 13th.


For Under the Dome fans, the season finale of the Stephen King summer hit is tonight at 10.


American Ninja Warrior fans will see the Top Warrior revealed tonight on NBC after the Million Second Quiz.  Blake Shelton fans have just seven days to wait for the return of The Voice.   That talent show will return next Monday with all of the original judges.