Kenny Chesney to launch his own line of rum

Before summer, you'll be able to drink the same rum that Kenny Chesney drinks!  Kenny will launch his very own line of rum in May called Blue Chair Bay Rums.

Chesney met with master blender Mike Booth in Barbados at one of the Caribbean’s oldest rum distilleries. They tasted and tweaked various kinds of rum until they found one that stood out. Kenny says, “Everybody’s always expected this from me. There have been people who’ve approached us, stories that have gone around over the years. But rum is what I drink, and I always told myself: if I was going to do this, I wanted to create something I could be really proud of! Not just take a check and a piece of a company, but make the rum I truly wanted to drink.” And the rum Chesney truly wants to drink will include flavors such as coconut, coconut spiced and premium white rum.