When I was little, I wanted to be a paleontologist.  I was confident that I would discover a new dinosaur and name it the Larasaurus... of course!  But, apparently, you don't have to be a paleontologist or even a grown up to discover a new dinosaur and have it named after you!

Well... back in 2008, five-year-old Daisy Morris was on a family walk near her home on the Isle of Wight when she came across some fossils.  She and her family took the fossils to a dinosaur expert who passed them on to other experts who have been studying them for the past five years.  Earlier this week, those experts published their findings.  Apparently, Daisy had found a new species of flying dinosaur.  Now it's named Vectidraco Daisymorrisae.

I guess I was looking in the wrong places and hanging out with the wrong people as a child!