Craig Morgan prepares for dog sled adventure

Craig Morgan is getting ready to head north!  He won't quite be at the North Pole, but he will participate in the sixth annual Fjällräven Polar, a 200-mile dog sled excursion above the Arctic Circle starting April 9.

The unique trip will journey all the way from the Norwegian shores of the Arctic Ocean to the mountaintops of Sweden... traveling by dogsled pulled by huskies. With the help of Fjällräven experts, Craig will learn how to drive and care for his own team of dogs.  With his military training, he probably already knows how to pitch a tent, but it won't hurt to have expert tips for surviving in the snow and sub-zero temperatures.
Craig says, “Everyone would agree I have been a daredevil all my life. I love to travel to new places and will try just about anything, so when Fjällräven invited me to join them for the Polar, I said ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought.”

In addition to participating in the Polar, Morgan will get to experience the Northern Lights and visit the Sami people, the indigenous people of Sweden. He’s even growing a full beard to protect his face during the expedition.