Back to School Survival Tips

It's back-to-school time!  New books, new school supplies, new clothes, new teachers. Here are some "old school" reminders to help you and your kids not just survive, but excel this year with school.

Alice Wellborn has written a book called "No More Parents Left Behind" to make it easier for parents to help their kids succeed in school.  She has several suggestions as the school year begins.

  • Ask about homework and check when it's done.
  • Check your small child's backpack for assignments or forgotten notes and permission slips.
  • Once school has been underway for a while, check the school website for grades and missing assignments.
  • Get your child's eyes checked to make sure s/he can see properly.
  • Write school events on the family calendar.

Different things work for different families.  And older students need to take more responsibility for their assignments than younger ones.  But some of these hints may help your family as the school year begins. Get more back-to-school success ideas HERE from