And the winning toy is...

After 8 weeks of voting... with more than 24,000 votes...the Children's Museum of Indianapolis has tabulated the results of the favorite toys of the past century.  The toy with the most votes isn't Barbie, Legos, crayons or even the bicycle.  All of those toys ARE in the top 20.  But which toy is judged best?

The biggest vote-getter, grabbing the Gold is...

G.I. Joe®


G.I. Joe

Here are the rest of the results:

Silver: Transformers®
Bronze: LEGO® Toys

4. Barbie®13. Etch A Sketch®
5. View-Master®14. Little Golden Books®
6. Bicycle15. Hot Wheels®
7. Cabbage Patch Kids®16. Lincoln Logs®
8. Crayons17. Candy Land®
9. Play-Doh®18. Roller Skates
10. MONOPOLY®19. Silly® Putty
11. Raggedy Ann®20. Mr. Potato Head®
12. SpirographTM