Tax Day is 2 weeks away!


This puts the "FUN" in refund!  Some Americans will try anything to save when tax time rolls around.  Some write-offs are so absurd they actually worked,  A few years ago, a stripper was allowed to write off her breast implants as a business expense.  Other taxpayers have successfully written off false teeth and swimming pools for medical reasons.  And one man was able to write off his daughter's wedding.  I bet a lot of other dads would like to know how to do THAT! 

Of course, not everyone is so lucky.  In fact, most of those ridiculous write offs get shut down.  Things like tattoos and nuclear fallout shelters were nixed as write-offs.

If you haven't filed your taxes yet and need forms, you can print them at  Then, if you're lucky enough to get a refund this year, you can track it at the same website.