Postage rates to go up next year


It looks like first class postage is going up four months from today. The US Postal Service has proposed a rate hike to go into effect on January 26, 2014.

Proposed first class rates increases are as follows:

Letters (1 oz.) — 3-cent increase to 49 cents

Letters additional ounces — 1-cent increase to 21 cents

Letters to all international destinations (1 oz.) — $1.15

Postcards — 1-cent increase to 34 cents

Prices to mail packages are also set to go up. The "good news" is that none of the increases go into effect until January. So, you'll be able to send all your Christmas cards and presents before the rates go up. And "Forever" stamps are still available. So you can buy them at the 46-cent price now and they'll be good for first-class postage no matter how high stamps go in the future.