Organize your wrapping supplies - Part 2


For most of us, the biggest season of gift wrapping is behind us.  I love to wrap presents, but we can't leave the pretty paper just lying around, right?  Last week, I posted a way to save money and space with your gift wrapping supplies.

But if you've got tons of wrapping paper, you need a way to store it.  I have a storebought organizer that works for me, but it took me a few tries to get something I liked.  I started with an underbed sweater organizer but it wasn't long enough for some of the wrapping tubes and it was too tall to put under the couch where I wanted to put it.  Now I have a zippered organizer that lives happily upright in the corner of one of my closets. 

<--------------------  If you've tried those types of things, and you're still looking for a storage solution, maybe this will work for you.

CLICK HERE to get installation instructions.