Love muffins? How to save time making them!


What's your favorite muffin?  Blueberry?  What about your family?  I bet your kids prefer something else.  Chocolate chip, pumpkin, corn? And if you want a variety, you'll either buy them at a premium at the bakery or have to compromise.

What if I said you didn't have to compromise and what if I said you could bake the variety fresh at home without baking up a storm and mixing up several different muffin batters at once?!?

You can... if you premix your muffin batter and freeze it UNBAKED.

Mix whatever muffin batters your family likes and freeze.  Some people like to portion the muffins into baking papers and freeze. Other's like to freeze the batter in Ziploc bags and freeze flat to save space.  Either way, the batter's already mixed when your family has a muffin craving. Then you can bake a dozen of one kind or a variety whenever you want.  Then they're baked fresh and tasty... instead having that "baked-a-while-ago-and-defrosted" flavor.

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