Free layaway


Holiday shopping just got cheaper!  Okay, maybe you think it's too early to shop for the holidays.  But if you don't want to use credit cards for your holiday shopping, you SHOULD at least take note of new layaway policies at some retailers.

Kmart has dropped it's layaway fees.  I have read that Sears is dropping the fee too, but the layaway page on the Sears website still mentions fees so check your local store.

Toys R Us recently announced it would drop their layaway fee.  Their website says there are no upfront fees.

Walmart just dropped the layaway fee from $15 to $5... and it's refundable.  Acccording to their website, Walmart's layaway for the holidays starts September 16th.

Doublecheck with your local stores for their policies and make sure you don't miss payments, which could cost you the item and your money.