Apple dumpling substitute?


By now, you may have discovered that I have something of an obsession with apple dumplings.  I love, Love, LOVE THEM!  Boss Frog posted a recipe not too long ago.  Click here to get it.

However, I am VERY BAD at making pie crust, so I do not actually make apple dumplings.  I love for other people to make the dumplings so I can enjoy them all of the apple-y yummy goodness!

I did come across this picture today and I thought that since no crust was involved, I might have success with a baked apple.  You're supposed to core the apples and scoop out some of the inside then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.  After the apples are baked, fill with ice cream and enjoy.  And since there's no crust to provide calories, we can pile on more ice cream.  I will have to try this!